How it works

We use interactive rotatable images to represent different insect species. Each rotatable image has a number of ‘hotspots’ – clickable points which show detailed photographs of species identifiers.

All ‘hotspot’ images are based on existing paper keys, in the case of our example group ‘Eristalini’ we used Stubbs and Falk 2002. The interactive rotatable images can be used in conjunction with existing keys to confirm and make identification easier.

Wing         Helophilus-hybridus-3-head        Helophilus-hybridus-3-abdomen                                                                              Examples of ‘hotspot’ images

Below is an example of one of these rotatable images:

  • Click/tap the image or button-play to begin automatic rotation
  • Click/tap and drag to rotate the image (drag slowly for best results) or use direction buttons
  • Click the red circles  to bring up the “hotspot” images, and click those images again to return to the main viewer
  • Click the expand icon button-fullscreen to make the image full-screen. Click ‘Esc’ on the keyboard to return to the page

Please note that interactive rotatable images are best viewed on a desktop computer with a big display, but compatible with all phones, tablets, and computers