A less expensive, yet still relatively effective way of producing interactive rotating images of insects can be achieved by creating a DIY turntable. This is accomplished by mounting two pieces of wood (one base, one platform) to a rotating mechanism. We used two ‘IKEA SNUDDA Lazy Susan’ turntables (IKEA 2014). This item consists of a larger circular piece of wood, smaller base with rubber grip and metal ball-bearing mechanism (Fig 1). By removing the larger top from two turntables and using one metal mechanism and attaching the other base, you can create a smaller turntable (Fig 2). Foam can be placed in the centre for anchoring pinned specimens and the top surface is covered in card (Fig 2).

Fig 1. IKEA SNUDDA Lazy Susan

Fig 2. Smaller turntable with plain white card    

To allow photographs to be taken from above a specimen, the turntable can be attached to a piece of 60mm plastic drainage pipe, cut to approximately 350mm in Length (Fig 3). Two holes are cut with a hole drill bit to allow screws to be attached through the pipe to the bottom of the turntable (Fig 4). The pipe is then mounted to a small wooden frame, and held in place by 2 ½” size 10 screws (Fig 3). This allows the turntable to be positioned along the horizontal plane.


Fig 3. Complete rig with pipe  

Fig 4. Access hole for screwing turntable to pipe